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David C. Zeitlen Advertising Consultants was established with the aim of providing cost-effective online marketing solutions to clients through trusted advisors. Our core values revolve around prioritizing user appeal and client satisfaction in every project we undertake. Our range of services encompasses Website Development, Search Engine Optimization/Paid Search Advertising, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. We take pride in our ability to enhance customer awareness of your business and offer you the reassurance that comes with working with a professional company.

David C. Zeitlen

Senior Advertising Consultant

A graduate of the City University of NY-Hunter College, David worked in sales and management before choosing digital advertising. David is passionate about strategic digital marketing, and driven to make a difference in his clients’ lives by delivering the best possible products, service and outcomes. David considers creating responsive design websites, search engine marketing, social media and review management not just a job, but a unique connection to businesses and the people who run them. 



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Website Development

We are a website design firm that assists companies of any size in establishing an online presence that accurately reflects their brand and connects with their audience. If you’re seeking to create a new website or revamp an existing one, we are the right choice.

Our services go beyond creating visually appealing websites. We create websites that are not only visually attractive but also generate authentic leads. We specialize in mobile-friendly and responsive website designs, and we offer HTML and WordPress website development options. Our team of professionals are experts in E-commerce, shopping cart, and online store development. We also provide customized programming for web applications or unique features. Our exceptional customer service and website support are available before and after the website launch.

Social Media Marketing

Most online conversations begin on social media platforms. For small business owners who engage with their community on these platforms, there is a huge potential for profit.

Although many businesses acknowledge the importance of having a social media presence, they often lack the time and knowledge required to be effective. We provide cost-effective social media solutions that can assist your business in developing quality interactions with your community. We can assist in increasing your visibility within your niche and growing your following. Our services can be utilized as a standalone solution, as a supplementary service, or as an anonymous service.

We can handle all of your social accounts on your behalf, and are proficient in working with various social media platforms.

To learn more about launching a Social Media Marketing Campaign for your business or organization, contact us today. We can create a customized plan to suit your needs.

Google Ads / SEO / SEM

Effective SEO enables your business to capture the attention of customers who are already searching for your product or service. With billions of searches taking place on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and YouTube each day, it’s important to understand that certain search terms can signal a customer’s intent to make a purchase. Targeting this type of traffic can lead to consistent sales and increased revenue.

 We specialize in designing custom SEO campaigns that focus on generating high-quality leads that are relevant to your business. Our approach covers everything from Pay-Per-Click advertising to organic SEO campaigns, all starting with a solid strategy that identifies the best-performing keywords and creates a system for delivering consistent results.

We believe that limiting advertising for a specific business type to a certain geographic area, such as a 30-mile radius, is an ethical practice as it promotes fair competition and helps to avoid conflicts of interest. By only advertising for one business in a particular area, we can ensure that your advertising efforts have a fair chance to reach their target audience and compete on a level playing field.

Email Marketing

Through list segmenting and automation, we can also help you create a Targeted Campaign that reaches your preferred type of customer.

Email Marketing is a highly effective acquisition channel that allows you to send commercial messages to your audience instantly. Despite its often overlooked status, it remains the most powerful acquisition channel available on the internet due to its affordable operating costs, especially when compared to traditional mailing methods. Additionally, the people on your email list have already agreed to receive emails from you and are likely interested in your products or services, making them the ideal candidates for making a purchase.

Email Campaigns can be utilized for various business purposes, such as business announcements, product deals and industry news. At David C. Zeitlen Advertising Consultants, we have the expertise to create and distribute business emails that produce results. Contact us today and let us assist you in creating a successful email marketing campaign.

Reputation Management

Increase your sales and bolster your online reputation by generating more positive reviews today! Positive reviews are a powerful tool that can convert potential customers into actual buyers in today’s business landscape.


We help you request first-party and third-party reviews from your customers. Our user-friendly system makes the entire process simple and even allows you to stay ahead of negative reviews.


Our reminders keep your business top of mind with your customers. If they plan on leaving you feedback, our follow-ups help them remember to leave a review when they have the time.


Wouldn’t it be great to know the moment someone leaves you a review? With our platform, you can! We monitor reviews across over 100 different websites and can even send notifications when a new review is posted.

Local Charlotte Facebook Marketing

Business owners acknowledge the importance of maintaining a social media presence in today’s digital age.

Nevertheless, due to time constraints and limited expertise, they may encounter challenges in engaging their audience effectively.

Our company offers an economical social media solution to assist businesses in developing meaningful connections with their communities. We specialize in enhancing a company’s online visibility and social proof locally, with a particular focus on the Charlotte area.

By utilizing organic posts in local groups, we can effectively raise a company’s profile and strengthen their reputation, leading to higher visibility, exposure, and potential customer acquisition.


What Our Clients Say About Us


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the assistance with my social media content. David made this process seamless. It allowed me to add to my brand along with creating new relationships. If you are looking to grow your business- David would be a great resource.”

C. Tillman

“We are so glad to have come across David. Our website is amazing, and you just don’t find customer service like this anymore. We honestly feel like we were his only client. Not to mention what you get for price, it just cannot be beat! I highly recommend David!”

B. Young

“David and his team are a phenomenal group of people to work with. They definitely surpassed our expectations! Our website looks great and is user friendly! They are diligent in their commitment to helping others achieve the best website to represent your company. I recommend anyone who’s looking for excellence and professionalism to get on board with this great team.”

S. Whithurst

“I have been partnering with David for over 3 years and he has truly exceeded my expectations. He manages my Facebook page with dedication and professionalism.  The content reaches prospective local customers and helps me to grow my business. Thank you, David!”

R. Vasquez
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